Cheryl’s Children’s Home is a humanitarian child centere organization founded by the late Samuel Sambuli in 1997 to work with and for orphaned and vulnerable children by providing them with food, shelter, clothing, education and skills development. Most of children are survivors of physical, psychological, sexual abuse and abandonment.  

The organization sources its funds through child sponsorship and voluntary giving by any willing well-wishers. Cheryl’s strives for a world in which all orphaned children realize their full potential in the society& their rights and dignity respected.  Cheryl’s has a population of 75 children in home care, 145 in foster/outreach programme, 16 in colleges/universities, more than 200 alumni and 22 fulltime staff members.

The orphanage is located in Riruta Satellite opposite PBK Supermarket.

 Vision Statement

To socially and economically empower orphaned and vulnerable children by providing them an environment that encourages development to their fullest potential.

Mission Statement

To holistically mold responsible future leaders through love, care and academic excellence